The specialists for sustainability and future-oriented energy solutions

The most important lever in the fight against climate change is energy – from its production to its consumption. In order to achieve sustainability and climate neutrality in the development and operation of neighborhoods, a new approach to energy is therefore essential. With our accumulated technical know-how, we develop future-proof energy solutions that meet the demands of security of supply, cost-effectiveness, comfort and genuine climate protection.

Our services

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Energy concepts & sustainability

The future of real estate shows the perfect equilibrium between energy efficiency and sustainability. Our team of experts know how to achieve it.

Municipal heat planning

Climate neutrality by 2045 is a challenge that municipalities in Germany must face. Every municipality is unique and requires customised solutions, which we develop.

Energy contracting

Energy efficiency, state-of-the-art technology and the lowest possible CO2 operation are at the centre of our concepts, without losing sight of economic efficiency.

Our principles

In our plans for our smart and climate friendly energy designs we include data for energy-efficient building constructions as well as facades as a basic requirement.

We enable independence from energy suppliers in our quarters by generating green electricity on site and storing it for times when the energy yield is low.

The sun provides large amounts of radiant energy, which is why photovoltaic systems are our most important lever for a climate-neutral energy supply.

Almost every location offers environmental heat sources that we can utilise for climate-friendly heating and cooling.

We primarily think economically, considering the technology for the peak load, i.e. the output range of the systems that is only required in rare extreme weather conditions, as negative environmental influences hardly play a role here.

With an intelligent combination of innovative technologies, we ensure that security of supply is always guaranteed.