Architectural planning in new dimensions

Digital technologies form the necessary basis for a sustainable construction and real estate industry. This particularly applies to the circular construction industry that we are consistently striving for. The ecosolution GmbH consists of the REHUB digitale Planer GmbH and the REHUB FORGE GmbH. Through the process-optimized architectural planning based on digital twins, a circular and, therefore, sustainable project planning to be enabled through the use of algorithms, data science, and artificial intelligence.

Digital transformation

For many years now, we have been investing heavily in the comprehensive digitalization of planning and construction processes using Building Information Modeling (BIM). By creating digital twins, we create precise data models and databases of buildings as already in the planning phase. This enables us to run internal algorithms, recognise patterns and derive automations for planning and controlling as well as create life cycle assessments and life cycle cost analyses using AI. The data collected over the entire life cycle of a building can be used to retrieve digital material passports, which are very useful in terms of recycling. Our BIM experts are also developing "BIM for Prefabrication" models as a link between planning and our future EMC 2.0 prefabrication plants in order to ensure a particularly efficient and smooth production process.